When did lying become a good sales tactic?

We don’t have many solicitors in this neighborhood. Apparently that is because they save up all their worst sales tactics, for that one day when you least expect it, thinking it will get their foot in the door.

Word of advice to solicitors: The phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” does not apply to you and what you are selling.

Last week my daughter and I were eating our lunch on the living room floor, our little picnic ritual, and a truck pulls up in front of the house. The first thing I looked for was a logo – one of the local satellite companies – and I prepped for the knock….but no one got out of the truck. A moment later a man comes walking across our driveway from our neighbor’s house, clue number one that he is going door-to-door, and over the lawn instead of the sidewalk path up to the front door. My little girl goes to my bedroom till he is gone and I call her, our standard arrangement for strangers. He knocked and I opened the door, based on a quick assessment of him…

Him: “Good afternoon ma’am…”
:::I hold up my hand politely to tell him to wait:::
Me: “Just to save you some time, (smile) we aren’t interested in getting cable or satellite, but thank you.”
Him: :::looks at clipboard::: “Well, I am here to disconnect your cable…”
Me: “We don’t have cable or satellite TV by choice and really don’t have any use for it.”
Him: “Oh. Well, we have a REALLY good deal! And…”
Me: :::cut him off politely::: “No, thank you, but have a good day. (smile)” :::close the door:::

Ok, correct me if I am wrong. I was always taught that lying to someone gives them a reason to not trust you. Why on God’s beautiful green earth then would I want to buy ANYthing from you if you just lied to me? Um, explain this logic to me. The company the guy works for may not even know he is doing this, but I think it is sad when people think that making any excuse to talk to you will get a sale.

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1 thought on “When did lying become a good sales tactic?

  1. Ria…….yea I wonder why people in business especially do what they do….it pays to tell the truth for sure!

    For something fun, check out my blog…you have been ‘tagged’…he-he-he :)

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