New Year’s Challenges

res o lu tion, n. 1) The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination. 2) A resolving to do something. 3) A course of action determined or decided on. 4) The New Year’s tradition of overwhelming your subconscious mind with so many things that you know you should do that you don’t accomplish them and spend the rest of the year in turmoil over it all. (-Ria)

Ok, I’ve decided to do something different this year. I am going to allow myself to set goals and reevaluate once in a while to make sure each one is still something I want/need and that I haven’t outgrown it.

I resolve to not feel guilty but to take action and strike a new path if I lose my way.

  • Sketch one thing a day and post it on Renlog.
  • I belong to a group called Everyday Matters who make art a practice. Till now I have posted nothing because of time.

  • Expand my card lines to include all occasion cards.
  • Most of the cards I have done have been strictly graphics and quotes for blank cards. I have had some ideas for expanding into 3-dimensional cards and other styles.

  • Finish my manuscripts.
  • I have three manuscripts that have been backburned due to other projects that I have been wanting to finish. This year is my year, I am claiming it.

  • Write more love letters.
  • My other half, Val, has blessed me with a million love notes in two different languages and I have been remiss in spoiling him. Gonna have to sneak a few into his Batman lunchbox. hehe (Yes, he really does have one, I got it for him. It’s about 3 inches tall and sits on his desk.)

  • Remember birthdays.
  • You would think a woman who makes greeting cards would actually use them. hehe I made it a point over Christmas to collect everyone’s birthdays and plan to start with my cousin’s on January 1st.

  • Lose 120 pounds.
  • Ok, baby steps. Due to health issues I have already dropped 50 pounds and had to completely revamp my eating habits. Thankfully I already ate healthy but staying up to work after everyone is asleep spawned snacks at odd hours and I had to stop that. The lymphedema has made some requirements on me that I could not avoid and I am seriously considering Weight Watchers after seeing a couple friends do so well on it. Oh, and we are buying an exercise bike for me for the living room finally.

  • No eating past 7pm at night.
  • Drink more water; at least 8 glasses, dilute cranberry juice.
  • Organize my supplies into project bins.
  • Ride the bike at least 30 minutes a day; start out at 10 minutes and work up.
  • Finish the illustrations and publish both children’s books.
  • Mavis Beacon Typing; improve my typing speed.
  • Finish my feng shui book manuscript.
  • Do more book projects sponsored by Renmeleon; major holidays or one small one every month.
  • Repaint the kitchen.
  • Plant an herb garden.
  • Buttons and pocket mirrors retail through Renmeleon for both Breast cancer awareness and Lymphedema.
  • Learn Latin from Val.
  • Complete work on the rubber stamp line :::excited::: and launch it.
  • Take the time to reevaluate all of this from time to time. Take action, don’t waste time with guilt, remorse or regret…just do something about it.

I’ll post more, but needless to say I have a list of several pages going so far. I am prioritizing them all and putting them on index cards. Once I have completed each one I am going to decorate the back of them with artwork and make them all into a book! I love rewarding myself with art time. hehe

1 thought on “New Year’s Challenges

  1. I had great success with WW six years ago. I went off the program 4-6 months after starting, and just before reaching my goal weight. I gained a little back right away (thank you milkshakes) and sat there for a couple years. I’ve since returned to my weight before starting, complete with adverse health effects. It is my intention to either return to WW weekly meeting program, or at least review and reinstate the good habits I learned last time (smaller portions, more water, less everything but water, increased physical activity, etc.). WW is a great program because you are not locked into _their_ food or _their_ recipes, so you can make it work with any other dietary requirements you might have. If you stick to the eight glasses of water and no food within a few hours of bed (research optimum number) and add an excercise bike (those are fun, and if you do while watching TV, 30 minutes will pass in no time) I’m quite sure you’ll be happy with the results after two or three months.

    Go you!

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