Moving moooving MOVING!

We found a house! :::happy dance::: Well, it is packing time around here. My birthday is next weekend and the house couldn’t have been a better present. Large enough for me to set up a REAL studio vs the makeshift one I have PLUS an area for scrapbooking and sewing arts.

Ok, in light of the move, I have made a promise to myself to take my own advice for once. hehe Here goes…

Feng Shui

All you need is four boxes. Think baby steps. Tear the overabundance of stuff you have accumulated since your last move into little pieces to make it more manageable. Also, doing it this way works if you don’t have room to spread out and sort on the floor or if you have small children who like to get into things. (I have the latter. hehe) Label the boxes the following:

  • Sort
  • Stuff that you need to go through in more depth and sort further. Don’t worry.

  • Throw
  • Garbage. Out the door. Gone. Bye-bye. Hasty la nachos, see ya.

  • Keep
  • Stuff that has a home. You will go back into this box and put everything in its place.

  • Give Away
  • Things that you want to give to other people.

    Rule One: For give aways, if you don’t give it to them in three days, donate it. Drop it off at a shelter or the Salvation Army or some other thrift store. We have a local place run by the Humane Society where the funds from the thrift store go to help the animals. Check your phone directory for places near you.

    Rule Two: If you aren’t going to use it in the next week, toss it. If it is a hard to find item or something too expensive to replace then keep it but put it in its place.

    Rule Three: Once you start, make it a priority. Make time, even if it is only one box a day. Set a goal and reward – going through 10 boxes means you can watch a movie/DVD or spend an hour on the computer. Do not reward yourself with shopping unless it is shopping for organizational items like boxes. Don’t reward your feng shui with clutter.

    Preventive Medicine

    One really huge huge help is this. If you love to go to yard sales, clearance sales or estate sales like I do, enforce this rule: For every one item you bring home, two items must be donated or thrown away. Ok, so it sounds like I am contributing to the collective clutter of the world but that is all yard sales are, “junk swaps”. hehe You want what they don’t and eventually you are in their shoes trying to get rid of it as well. Impulse buying is always a danger.

    I have a manuscript I have been researching (for as long as I have been in business) and writing for about a year now. I am publishing after the first of the year; I will keep everyone posted. :)

    I will post a photo of the studio once it is in place in a couple weeks. We are getting the keys on Wednesday so I can clean and smudge/cleanse the house making it a “sacred space” and make it more our home. We have a conglomeration of Native American, eclectic pagan/Christian, and Roman Catholic at work between the three of us so the house is covered. hehe Should be interesting to see it mesh.

    My best friend and art sister, Laurel, has consented to helping me with gardening. There is an “island” in the front yard – an area set off with a small concrete border – that we are going to redo and I am thinking the shed in the back yard is about to become a greenhouse. :) It has been a long time since I have gotten to dig in the dirt and plant seeds so I am looking forward to it.

    Hmm, art project: moving cards!

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