Clementine, how does your garden grow?

My grandparents had a garden and small greenhouse in our backyard. My grandmother loved plants, though I don’t remember any of them being indoors except on our side of the house. My mother shared that love and often kept corn plants in big pots on rollers, Christmas cactus, spider plants, and a pothus in our living room.

Off my grandmother’s back porch was a giant Staghorn Fern that was cradled in its pot in the fork of a woodpecker-measled tree. Nearby was a huge plant that only bloomed once a year at midnight; It had long-necked, flamingo head bulbs that turned into enormous white flowers that glowed in moonlight. It was a special occasion for all of us when they bloomed.

My grandfather kept a Farmer’s Almanac on the table next to his reclining chair. He swore by it so I did, too. It was where I first learned about companion planting, keeping green in your home to reduce stress and breathe better as well as using local wildflower honey to fend off allergies. Folk remedies became an area of interest for me.

Here are a few resources for making your garden grow happy, indoors and outdoors…

Companion Gardening

How plants interact and form symbiotic relationships has always intrigued me. Check out this article on the Farmer’s Almanac site on companion planting before you layout your garden. Some plants help each other, but some plants need to be separated as well.

Rain Barrels

Build your own for $40 with This Old House on YouTube. Tip: Check out local resources first. Here in Berea, KY we have a group called Sustainable Berea that has two tutorials on making and painting rain barrels (under their Resources menu at the top).

Zines a Plenty

All throughout May, as part of the process installation I’m doing at Peoples Bank & Trust at 419 Chestnut Street
in Berea, KY, I’m dropping off zines as little birthday gifts for people visiting the display. For those of you who aren’t local, though, don’t worry. I’m not leaving you out! I’ll be posting the zines here on Clementine’s page as I make them!

As always, thank you for being here. I’m looking forward to sharing all sorts of goodies this month with you in celebration of the release of Clementine’s Garden! xo

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