Have you outgrown your goals?

I came across this on Kirsten Johnson’s blog and it really made sense. dream big: what came first the value or the goal?

“one of the dangers of letting our goals supersede our values is feeling like we have failed at achieving a goal, when in reality we’ve simply outgrown that goal and continuing to live our values means moving in new directions.”

I have had this happen more than once. I make lists, set goals, break larger ones down into baby steps. If I lose my pace somewhere along the line I end up feeling as though I have failed and it keeps me from getting back on track right away. I end up letting myself run self-defeating scripts through my head when I should just take a second and reevaluate.

Try it next time you feel you are at a standstill. Take a look at your goals. Are they really where your head is at right now? Do they line up with the direction you want to go? A few moments of rethinking can prevent losing ground to depression and anxiety.

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