Dance like no one is watching…

A post from Veerle today made me think of what advice I would offer my child. My daughter just turned four and as a responsible mother, an alert mother, I’m concerned about the world she is growing up in…

Make time for friends. Make time for your self.

Go to museums and art galleries. Look closely at how things are made, the composition of things.

Reverse engineer. Figure things out.

Listen to the stories your grandparents and the elderly have. Those who have experienced life longer know more; it may not always be right for your life but you should show them the respect they have earned. They have fought their own battles and you could learn something worthwhile.


Find at least one positive thing about EVERY situation, even if it is bad, because it could always be worse.

Dance like no one is watching. Be silly about it.

Always tell people how you feel. Be up front and honest but always tactful and compassionate.

Love with your whole heart even if you have been hurt before. Never make the next person pay for the last person’s mistakes. Each person has their own way of doing things. Follow your heart and love them unconditionally. Pay attention to how they treat you … if it’s bad, leave … if it’s good, take notes because that is how they want to be treated too.

Never start a fight but always know how to end one. Always try verbally first but if someone takes a swing at you use their own action against them. Momentum is a good thing.

When defending yourself, don’t hesitate to use anything and everything you can get your hands on. A shoe can be a weapon, keys, anything you can grab quickly. Scream “FIRE!” to draw attention and always yell “NO!” Be afraid enough to respect the situation but don’t let fear make you a coward. Be strong and take action. Use your mind.

Never trust a religious leader who is opposed to dancing.

Laugh, even if people tell you that you laugh too much. Laughing reduces stress. Never laugh at someone else’s expense. Laugh at yourself though, never take yourself too seriously.

Express yourself through art, singing, writing … anything you can do even if you don’t think you do it well. Never be afraid to try and never give up if it is something you really want to be good at. If one way doesn’t work, try another.

More to come …

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