Rest in Peace Will, everyone else slow down

We have been going to the same Publix every week for about seven years now. In that time, we have gotten to know at least half of the employees there, some fairly well, some even coming to our wedding next month. We lost one a couple of nights ago to a motorcycle accident that could have been avoided. All so a woman could save herself five seconds getting onto the interstate.

How much time is a life worth to you?

In the whole scheme of things, is your lack of time management skills worth taking someone else’s life?

He was someone’s grandson. He was someone’s friend. He was only 26.

If it were your friend on the motorcycle, would you crowd them or would you give them a wide berth? Does that five extra seconds you save cutting someone off to get on the interstate ramp really matter?

He was wearing his helmet. He was riding responsibly. And, from what we know, it was quick. A fact that I am thankful for. He is survived by his grandfather, his last living blood relative, and my heart goes out to him as he is not doing well at all.

And all so someone could get to where they were going a little faster.

So, today and every day, please be aware. If you see a motorcycle, give them some space and slow down. No destination is worth hurting someone else over.

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