In My Element

Water came up this morning as Temperance. Being able to channel water is to adapt and move with the terrain while carving your own path through it slowly. Water means my teaching style today is about listening, taking things slowly to uncover the student’s personality so that I can best reach them. It’s about gentleness, not necessarily plowing through with my normal level of weird.

My online class starts today and I’ll pull three cards, one for each class. Just things to think about, as I don’t use the cards for divination but as prompts.

My second class, the Hermit appears. This, again, guides me to be myself and to listen for cues from my student. Being in familiar territory, my footing on the path is easy if I stick to my course outline and focus on my goals for the class.

The last class of the day, my third class, is lively and concerned with intellectual pursuits. I’ll have two classes under my belt for the day, so this will help me “stand my ground” and maintain the illusion of control. ha Water still the underlying theme, it’s ok for me to let a little of my “muchness” show and step up my game.

Using another deck, I’ll pull one final card for myself.

My Wolf totem knew I needed her. Pack Alpha.

My intent to pull one card for the day, became my favorite deck’s action to show me two. My totems don’t generally play around.

Starting this morning in meditation was a good move on my part. The unstruck sound of the Golden Egg. “No rushing, pushing, or grasping.” I know this speaks to my anxieties about my third class, which is double the size of my other two. It also reminds me that time can be adapted if I need to tutor outside of class, that I’m in “control”, and to be open to responses.

My Alpha needs to be gentle today, but firm.

Wolf has stood by my side all my life. She is inked on my back and lives across my heart. She reminds me with a gentle fanged mouth over my hand that I have a good support group, and to follow and stay strong in my natural, intuitive flow. “Embrace all, exclude none.” Tolerance will burn off my nervous energy and control is fluid.

Mouse poked her head in to remind me to stay organized, that this was a meaningful project, and that the nervous is ok.

Overall, listening to my intuition and my students, being true to myself and my curriculum, and remembering that I’m in control and can adapt as I need to are my lessons for today. Fear of the unknown, as it’s the first time teaching on this platform, is normal. I’m excited for the possibilities and I’m looking forward to meeting my students. We will have four classes together over this week and next.

Deep breath. Coffee. Move forward.

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