RenDigiAdvent17: Day One – Mini Shopping Zine

It’s back! Today is the first day of my annual digital advent. For several years now, I have posted 25 days of free downloads. You won’t find them anywhere but here, and you won’t find them after the end of the year as I pull them before New Year’s.


I have had some requests for a few of my favorites and am compiling them into a printable PDF for instant download in my Etsy shop. I will post when it becomes available. For now though, right click the image above and “save as” so you can print one out.

Feel free to repost a link to this blog post with credit to @Renmeleon. Do not post a direct link to the download. Thank you, enjoy! You can find the folding tutorial on my YouTube channel here. (It’s a crappy video, reshooting it, but it works.)


Legal mumbo jumbo. These are posted here for free because I love what I do and like sharing it with others. Nothing on this site is meant to be reproduced and/or distributed in whole or in part aside from what is instructed without written permission via email. These downloads are meant for personal use only and, unless stipulated differently, are for one-time download. If the kindness is abused, it will be your karma not mine.

You are welcome to post the link to this blog post on your social media and credit @Renmeleon. You are welcome to post photos of your process in printing out, coloring and assembling the downloads and would love seeing what you do with them. You can tag posts with: @Renmeleon #rendigadvent17