Stegs & Cerato

Moving to Kentucky in 2016, I found a Facebook group for the then “Kentuckiana Browncoats” looking for a new admin; the post was old and there were 3 members who were fans but inactive. I jumped in head first. Two weeks later we had a logo, site, accounts in all of the social mediums (Facebook group and page, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest), t-shirt designs, buttons, stickers, and patches. We also hosted our first annual showing of Serenity, set up at our first convention, was featured in a Firefly podcast / radio show out of England, and a radio show in Lexington.

Three years later, we’ve got 167+ members who have become our extended family. We bowl once a month, support each other in our creative endeavors, and, a few months ago, we added Patreon to our arsenal. Last year we even pulled a train job on a real train. In our first three years, without a structured charitable “plan” in place, we’ve raised over $2,000.00 for Kentucky-based charities. Moving forward, we plan to do much more.

As Captain of this small band of “big damn heroes” (as the show calls them), I’m always designing new types of swag for my members. My goal for this year for the group, and myself personally, is to do more charitable good for children with cancer and other permanent, often fatal illnesses. To do this, we set up at conventions throughout the year and I do shows as Renmeleon.

Decks are 30 cards including 13 pairs and four information cards – about, contact, sponsor, and how to play. Sponsors who contribute 1k will get one side of a card with four spots available. Decks will cost 4.00 each, not including anything outside the deck itself, and retail for 15.00 each with 3.00 per deck going toward my family and more charitable projects as well as allowing us to gift three decks per individual deck purchase to children’s charities globally and children’s hospitals locally.

Sold under a “buy one / gift one” model, the deck was designed without infringements on copyright. The deck is two kawaii-style dinosaurs, simply put, though Browncoats will know the leaf and dinosaur references.

If you would like more information on sponsoring a deck, you can download the talksheet here and email me if you have further questions. Please use “Dino deck sponsor” in the subject line.