Dragonfly Press Publishing

Dragonfly Press Publishing was formed several years ago with the intention of using the imprint to represent our family’s work. Though plans have since changed with the realization we could take better advantage of distribution through Amazon by using their ISBNs, Dragonfly Press Publishing remains to be the umbrella for our titles.

My biggest goal is to create and encourage more beauty in the world that my daughter is growing up in. We love developing projects that are creative in all mediums and where we can incorporate our own passions. Traveling and being explorers of the world through food shared and cultural immersion, education, and living life in a more creative way daily are what is incorporated into our own personal goals and I look forward to sharing that with you here.


Ana Maria Selvaggio
Author / Illustrator
Aside from Renmeleon, “Dragonfly” is a nickname that has resonated with me for a long time. Like it’s water sign, it signifies adaptability and skill in endeavors. I love what I do and enjoying sharing that passion for creativity with others through workshops and videos (in production) on a variety of topics. You can find me on Amazon here.

Val Michael Selvaggio
My husband @pauperknight is the linguist in our family and a writer as well. Holding a Masters in Curriculum and Instructional Development, he is a whiz with any language including English, and is the second set of eyes for most of my projects. Being able to work with him is a joy and we hope that love shines through what you see here. www.romandeadguys.com

M. Y. Seaton
Author / Illustrator
My daughter @rockpaperfox is at the beginning of her writing journey. Nearing 18, she has been working on her branding and is focusing on three main projects aside from doing shows and workshops with Renmeleon throughout the year: Her first novel, a book of creative prompts, and the illustrations for one of my children’s books. www.rockpaperfox.com