The coolest storage box!

Ok, I am easily amused I guess. hehe I found this last night at Home Depot but sadly they don’t have it listed on their site. Actually, NO ONE has it listed online. Did every possible Google search and can’t find it so I am posting my own pic. I bought two since they were only 10 bucks a piece; thank you Bud & Cecilia for the 20.00 gift card. hehe

Black & Decker Workmate series Small Parts Box

It has four removable, customizable plastic bins in it and both will fit side by side on my craft shelf. Sometimes the simplest things can bring the greatest joy. Not to mention the idea that I can get my craft area organized into ONE area.

Trip to Home Depot: 20 minutes

Two really cool storage bins: 20 bucks on a gift card that I didn’t have to pay for

The fact that I can organize my craft area into projects and take my chaos from room to room without the mess: priceless

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