Musical Genius

“You haven’t heard that song yet? Oh, I forgot you don’t listen to radio.”

I get that a lot.

I work from home and, like a lot of us, have all my music loaded onto my computer so I don’t really use my stereo anymore. If I want music while I work it is right here, at the click of a button. I am a fan of NPR but had even gotten away from listening to that. I have gotten back into collecting music again though and I have found two really incredible sites online.

Pandora Internet Radio

Ever wanted to play DJ on your own radio station? How about 100 radio stations? How about free? Part of the Music Genome Project, Pandora Internet Radio allows you to do just that. I am a newbie there so the list is growing but you can see what my favorites are so far…

Do you like being able to download individual songs or full albums? Legally? Had you ever been able to buy a full album for $2.00 and be able to download it as a burnable, CD quality mp3?

Look no further.

I was on the hunt for some really obscure music for a friend and stumbled on this site. Since then I have added several albums and songs to my collection that I would not have been able to otherwise afford. AND I don’t have to worry about getting sued because they make sure the artists get paid. I can burn it all to disk and take them it with me or just have backups for what I have on my pc or iPod.

3 thoughts on “Musical Genius

  1. Thanks for the link to you Pandora profile. I’m taking the liberty of adding one of your stations to:

    Specifically here..

    Come check it out. It’s like Digg for Pandora stations.



  2. Cool, thank you for the link. I am new to Pandora and really enjoy it.

    Ria :)

  3. Cool, thank you for the link. I am new to Pandora and really enjoy it.

    Ria :)

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