A link came across a list I am on today and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. I have a serious case of faeries on the brain and think that art will be my only remedy.


I awarded him the Renmeleon Chameleon Award for “Exceptionally Inventive Artistry” (understatement) and I am completely enthralled by his work. My favorite, and the one that is currently fueling my creative fire, is this one. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. :)

The level of interaction passerbys are having with the whole concept is wonderful. I am sad to see, however, that he has actually had an issue with people purposefully damaging his creations. I am convinced, or possibly hoping, there is a special place in hell for art vandals. LOL The idea that someone would intend malice for these precious little creations is just mind-boggling.

I have already started sketching out ideas for making a faery door for my daughter’s room (and one for in my studio I think hehe). Growing up I used to love building miniatures and shadow-boxed dioramas complete with lights. The sketches I am doing right now won’t go into production for a while but I will keep everyone posted.

…I think it needs an artistamp for a wall painting. hehe

2 thoughts on “FAERIES!

  1. That guy needs to get a job!

  2. ROFL :::smirk::: I think he has more of one than he had hoped for. :) The fairies seem to like him, he is a pretty cool guy.

    Good to see you here! hehe

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