Hardly new news but more than worth checking out. Art*O*Mat recycles retired cigarette vending machines by converting them into art vending machines, giving them new life and new purpose. There are active machines in various locations throughout the country.

Submission guidelines are here:

I would like to eventually form a group of people who would be interested in working on a collaborative deck. I was thinking more along the lines of a larger format tarot deck but one for the purpose of submitting it to Art*O*Mat or for retail through would also be an option.

In the case of the latter idea I would also take advantage of this and buy extra boxes so that everyone who participated, including myself, got their own box. To participate in the project I would like to ask 5.00 be included in the package with your submissions to cover the cost of my shipping the assembled packages back to you all. I did an art tag book project years ago; we all sent our tags with 5 bucks to the project host who was making the books. The final book was a blast.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are in need of self-promotion, this is a fantastic outlet for it. You can create small sample pieces with miniature promotional information included (i.e. mini brochures, order form, business card, etc). You could also approach your local museums and coffeehouses, etc and see if they would install one. You could also explore the idea of gathering local artists in your area to do a completely local art vending machine! (subject to submission acceptance and permission from Art*O*Mat of course)

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