Clementine’s Garden

Clementine was born May 2nd, 2006. Her 13th birthday will be celebrated with her final release into the world. Clementine’s Garden has been a work-in-progress for long enough. My lovelies on Patreon will be privy to my illustrations ahead of time, so head over and check it out.

It all started with a screaming carrot…

Non_Cents was a paper arts group that I started online and ran for several years. One of our main monthly projects was an Artistamp ATC swap. Members would send in x number of ATCs (artist trading cards) featuring artistamps (faux postage) and would receive a collectors sheet back full of every participants’ cards for that month.

Easter was, of course, something bunny related. I had no idea what my card would be about, let alone the artistamp it would feature so I went for humorous. I had no idea what I was about to start…

I made a joke that a rabbit could hear a screaming carrot from two miles away and the artistamp on the back, you guessed it, became a screaming carrot.

It was all about the screaming veggies after that.

I was using Flickr pretty religiously back then to share my work and build a following. Friends started asking for more screaming veggies and then I started adding in other edibles. A comment on why I included a tomato prompted me to reply that I knew he wasn’t a vegetable and that p he was only pouting. A comment on why I’d included gourds brought about more silly backstory…and Clementine.

Clementine was born from my sketching a potato and pareidolia kicking in. You know, that weird phenomenon where you see faces in inanimate objects or “raw data”. I was sketching and a line reminded me of a smile so I added eyes and some funky hair.

And there she was, Clementine the Potato Princess.

Her story has evolved a bit, a rabbit character was added, and it’s become richer with the things I love embedded here and there as well as ideas that I hope grow out into the world about kindness, sustainability, and the power of words.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of Clementine and her garden with you. All during the month of May you can stop by People’s Bank in Berea, KY and learn about my process in creating the book. (heading over in a few minutes to set it up so I’ll post photos soon) Pick up a flyer and ::whispers:: maybe even a special little limited edition zine on her birthday!

Thank you for your support. Live kindness, practice gratitude, and get GOING. You got this!

Birthday Zines!

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