URGENT HELP NEEDED | 3yr old hit by car

UPDATE 090109: http://www.hugsandhope.org/skiler.htm

I just received this email from Marsha Jordan of Hugs & Hope who I met recently through a friend. Please comment below or email me if there is any way that you can help. They need cards of healing and cheer, transportation help if you are in that area of Illinois, monetary help for the medical fund they have set up. Anything. Please. Take the time to make it important. Thank you!

My brother called me tonight to tell me about an accident involving his neighbor’s 3 year old daughter. The girl (Skiler) already had some sort of medical condition requiring a feeding tube and involving seizures. Yesterday, she was playing on the side walk and a car ran her over and drug her 200 feet.

She’s in critical condition in Lutheran General Hospital (in Park Ridge, IL) There is gravel in her brain; and the muscle was torn off her shoulder down to the bone. She will require a lot of surgery.

Her dad is laid off, has no insurance, and just got out of the hospital himself. He has some sort of seizure disorder. Her mom is pregnant and they have one other daughter who also has a medical condition.

This family really needs our prayers as well as any other help we can give them. I know times are tough for everyone, but if just 100 people could send them ten bucks, it would be $1,000!! As I always say, even small efforts can make a difference when they’re combined.

They live about 2 hours from the hospital and they have no gas money to even drive there every day. They are in need of babysitters to help care for their other daughter when they’re at the hospital. If you live near Fox Lake. Illinois and want to meet them, visit the little girl in the hospital, deliver a meal to their home or whatever, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with them. I have their phone number but haven’t reached them yet. After talking to them, I’ll send more info to anyone who asks for it.



You can contact Marsha directly and I have asked her to keep me posted on everything. I will update this post as I get information.

There is a medical fund set up through National City Bank. Donations should be made out to SKILER WRIGHT. Please email Martha if you have any questions.

If you’d like to send cards, art, or anything that you think would make a three year old littler girl happy, please send it to her parents at:

Skiler W
c/o Hugs and Hope
Harshaw, WI 54529

[ Taken from the Hugs & Hope site. ]
ALL CORRESPONDENCES SHOULD BE CHEERY. Her parents do NOT need to hear your miseries and problems; you are there to encourage THEM. Be a friend to them. Stay away from politics and opinionated statements. Don’t use the phrase, “Hope your child will get well soon”. Better expressions would be, “I am thinking of you,” “I’m sorry you have to go through this.” “I wish I could give you a hug,” or “Wish I could be there with you.” Skiler is the most important thing in this. Be encouraging.

Anything you can do, anything at all. A postcard, a greeting card, an ATC, anything that would make a three year old little girl look past her pain. Bright, cheery colors and joy.

Thank you so very much, please spread the word!

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