Unconscionable. Lend your support!

Earlier this year, the day before Valentine’s Day, we did a fundraiser involving Soles4Souls. I just read this article on their website and my jaw is still on the floor…


After reading the article I looked for updates and ultimately decided someone had to do something about this. So I went to the top.

Write a letter to the White House with a link to the article and tell them you feel something needs to be done.

Still in shock. Outraged.

Update: 0329.10 No updates posted to Soles4Souls on this.Spoke to one of their representatives and found out that not only are they holding the shoes but the truck as well. There aren’t any news feeds out yet because they are still working out how best to handle the situation. There is a definite sense of sadness and confusion as they had never had issues before.

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