One ripple can move the seas

I have always believed that one ripple could move the sea, it is something I have said on Art for Cures for a while now. So when we recently came across the Ripple project, a sketchcard benefit to help the animal victims of the Deep Water Horizon Gulf Oil Spill, it totally made sense. The entire event hurts my heart but, being that we live in Florida and that I have worked with marine life in the past, this hits a little too close to home (literally) for us.


My daughter and I have been stealing art moments over the last couple of days and we are each donating ten (10) cards worth a collective $200.00 in donations for the charities supported by the Ripple project. All of the proceeds goes to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and the International Bird Rescue Research Center, whose efforts have already started to make a difference in the rescue of many marine birds and animals.


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