I don’t have to know them to care.

I have had several people ask me how I knew Stevie and Brianna, two teenage girls active in the art community in San Francisco, who recently lost their lives to cancer and MDS. The answer is: I didn’t. I don’t have to know them to care.

One of the reasons why I started Art for Cures after Val’s father died in August was to pull artist’s together for a greater good. We create all this beautiful art, express ourselves in paint, paper, metal, fabric and anything else we can get our hands on and what happens to it? It is admired and loved and…just sits there. I love everything anyone has ever taken the time and effort to create for me. I show it off to friends, I use it to inspire others to motivate their creativity, I wander through it to refuel my muse when my brain is taken over by life (or zombies). But it could do more, so much more.

It shouldn’t take something like Val’s father losing his battle with cancer, or the all-to-soon deaths of two teenage girls, or anything more than just one simple thing: The urge to be compassionate to someone else. We are all connected and anyone who is active online KNOWS how small this world has gotten and how EASY it is to reach out to someone halfway across the globe. Maybe we can’t create global change overnight, but we CAN make a difference. The key is to try. The key is to do. The key is to love. And you don’t have to know someone to do that.


I am thrilled to announce that the ZNE Hope Sees a Star charity auction totals are in and the auction itself raised $2,800 for the memorial for Stevie and Brianna! On a side note, the Coffee Cartel book that I donated (one of the original handmade books from the swap) sold for $77.00!!

I learned about the charity event last minute and didn’t have the time to create something specifically for it though I wanted to. I knew that the Coffee Cartel project I had hosted had garnered a lot of interest and was counting on that when I donated the extra book. During the project, someone dropped out due to time constraints so I ended up with an extra copy of one of the three books. I always knew that its place would be found so I am pleased to see it go to good use and a good home.

Thank you to whomever placed the final bid, the cause was well worth it.

Stevie and Brianna, you are both sorely missed and I hope you are able to see how your friends, family, and even complete strangers have pulled together to remember you both. I didn’t get the chance to know you, but I am a mother and I know how precious life is. I didn’t have to know you to care. Brightest blessings, your families are in my prayers.

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