Hoping to make a difference

The Art4NewOrleans project is now underway!

After a lot of coding, tweaking and organizing, the CafePress shop fundraiser has been given its wings and kicked out of the nest so to speak.

When we first heard about Katrina we were using terms like “biblical proportions” and hoping that it didn’t make the decision to come inland further south. Where would we go? What would happen if we lost everything? Instead she made her way past us and headed north and our next thought was that New Orleans would never be the same if she hit…

…we had no idea it would be this bad.

So, how do you help when you can’t go and be there to help in person?
The answer: Any way you can.

Art4NewOrleans Fundraiser

For more information about the fundraiser or about donating art for the shop:

Pass this on, this link, those links. Buy a bumper sticker. Sell your friends on it. Tackle artists in the street and say “Hey! Are you helping?”

My exhusband is finding out tomorrow if he is going to New Orleans. He’d have gone sooner if we could have found a way to replace his income but now he may have a chance to get paid to go. I don’t like that he will be away from our daughter for what may be several months but if I can tell her that her daddy is off being a “hero” that means something to me.

We get few chances in this lifetime to make such an impact on this world. How can you not get involved?

Thoughts and prayers go out from my family to those families caught in this horrible event and to those who have had the compassion, the heart and courage to get involved any way they can.

“What we leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” – Pericles

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