LexPoMo 13

Inner Dialogue

My brain won’t shut off
ideas always swirling
though, I know the truth
the truth of it all

there are only two of you, I say
only two, shuffling around
bumping into walls
firing off neurons

so if there’s only two
how do you make so much racket
in there, at all hours of the night
hellbent on keeping me awake

all you can do is point fingers
at each other
and blame me, because the sheep
are keeping you awake

Not Today

From the moment we met her
she was larger than life
long lost Amazon sister
with a smile that could blind the sun

you lived your life
fierce as fuck
in love, in work, in play
you didn’t seem to know any strangers

we didn’t lose you today
not today
Valhalla isn’t ready for you
so you’re on guardian angel patrol

watching over us now
till we’re all together again
and when we are
we’ll raze Hell

LexPoMo 9

lives in piles of papers
receipts, photos, postcards
one typed, found
old typewriter, brought it home

wonder what was spoken
at the dinner table
graduation, wedding, birth
christening, death

an old grave
covered in flowers
couldn’t bring it home
didn’t feel right

music book, report cards,
bronzed baby shoes,
clothing, they all spoke loudly
postcards, some stamps, came home

LexPoMo 7

To the Moon and Back

To me, family has always been
who you made it. It didn’t matter
if they were blood or marriage,
kindred spirit or tribe.

Family to me,
has always been the ones
who I held space for in my lives,
who held space back.

The ones you could not see
for a zillion years,
who pick right back up with you,
no beats missed.

Every day I’m grateful,
my Star and True North by my side,
old friends and newer ones around me,
but mostly, God stringing us all together.

LexPoMo 6

Coming Home

never forgotten
old friend
too long, welcome back
for the better

life hasn’t always been kind
but it’s good to hear
some things don’t change
in the sound of your voice

future plans
life renewed
it’s nice to have you
back on the same path

long goodbyes
now long hellos
little piece of my family
coming home

LexPoMo 5

archaic to modern
traveling through time
Roman dead guy

home to quiet calm
thought, thinking
develop from changes
work to do

dreams of readings
dreams of signings
one step closer
lightning jarred

archaic to modern
she’s closing in
he’s waiting ahead

LexPoMo 4

A Language of Our Own

sushi and shopping
pushing through
food coma
organize for sanity

plastic purge
build a home
takes care

extra parts
feeling better
all ready

a good start
time soon to go
tired setting in
hermit melons proof

LexPoMo 3

On Dealing with Orcs

a creature crossed my path today
bluish, warty skin
weapon aloft
to take on the world

he’s seen many battles
heard foe against foe
long hours of debating
over coffee and snacks

I’m sure this wasn’t
what he signed up for
strong warrior, made for conquering
not battling dust bunnies

he’d kill us all, if only
he could get past
the empty dice cube
he’s stuck in on my shelf

– – –
On finding an old, hand painted orc miniature from gaming after watching an episode of Critical Role.

The episode of Critical Role that I watched was brilliant. Matt Mercer led Stephen Colbert through a short adventure benefitting the Red Nose Day campaign. You can donate toward their campaign here.

LexPoMo 2

Welcome Home, Your Highness

she sits quietly, nothing yet to say
beige dress, smoothed edges
cold and metallic, warmed
by my fingertips

her features pale and harsh
when she speaks it’s only for you
she has no thoughts of her own
or maybe Asimov knew

she glides across
clickity clack clickity clack clack clack
the soundtrack of her indelible path
the music of my thoughts

intuition brought her to me
my new, old Royal
two bucks