Bucket Lists and Dreams to Goals

I thought it appropriate when I titled this post that I had accidentally capped “GO” in Goals. I mean, isn’t that the point of goals, to GO? Go forward. Go toward. Just GO.

No Dust Under My Feet

I’ve had this list (below) posted to my About page forever. Inspired by the movie, The Bucket List, a bucket list is basically a list of all the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”.

I have been really blessed in my life, but there are still a few things I’d love to do, most of which involve traveling. I add to this from time to time, because my goals change and grow as I do.

In Totally Random Order

  • Cure my body of systemic Lymphedema.
    (won my disability case 1019/12, started MLD therapy 2016, no cure yet)
  • Graduate with a Masters degree.
    Graduated Full Sail 1026/12 with my Creative Writing MFA.
  • Graduate with a Graduate Certificate in using current tech for education.
    Graduated Full Sail 03/13 with my grad cert in Instructional Design & Technology.
  • Register my thesis, Stalemate, with the Writers Guild.
    (WIP but 2017)
  • Publish The Owl & the Mermaid.
    (WIP but 2017)
  • Spend the day with an elephant.
  • Improve my blogging.
  • Have my own gallery showing.
  • Travel to Portugal and get a personal tour from friends.
  • Travel to Sweden and get a personal tour from friends.
  • Curate an exhibition.
  • Take a ride on the Orient Express.
  • Spend two weeks in London with my family and go on the Harry Potter tour amongst other things.
  • Take my husband/family to Rome, Italy for two weeks.
  • Take my family to New York City to visit friends and get hot dogs at Gray’s Papaya [ link2 ].
  • Take my family to Oahu, Hawaii and show them around my favorite places like the Polynesian Cultural Center, Byodo-in Temple, and Hanauma Bay.


Summer break.

We had a much needed break from class this week. The first draft of the script for my thesis is done and, having written roughly 86 of the 116 pages last session, my brain feels as though it’s oozing out of my ears.

We spent the day at EPCOT and had a blast. We still have one more day on the passes and are probably going to use them at Magic Kingdom per my girl’s request. We spent most of the day in Japan then had dinner at San Angel inside the Mexico pavilion. Amazing food and a brilliant ending to the day.

The week was spent catching up on housecleaning and working on anything but my thesis, per instructor’s orders. Walking away from it a little will give me a fresh perspective and allow a few brain cells to regenerate.

This weekend was purely vegetative, at least half of my waking moments spent running around exploring in-game. I found a dungeon that I’d apparently overlooked, Karazhan, that turned out to be an absolutely huge maze. I mean, where else would you hide a dragon?


Finalizing 2011.

2011 has been a year of triumphs, tests, and growth in the most remarkable ways. It has been a test of faith – in both myself and in others – and has solidified who and what I am on so many levels. We have strengthened old friendships, built on fabulous new ones, and cleared the negative from our lives.

Val and I were married in late September, before embarking on a life-changing two days in st. Augustine for our honeymoon, then came home to scoop up my daughter and move forward with the rest of our lives.

My health, though having grown increasingly worse this past year, is on the verge of improving as I received a lead from a friend that may make all the difference in 2012. Either way, my outlook is positive and I am not letting it beat me. I am not giving up without a fight.

Art for Cures rose from the ashes just as Gumtree was laid to rest, though not permanently. Art for Cures will be coming out of the gate tomorrow with signups for a new swap>auction project and everyone is excited to move forward and create something wonderful for the fight against MS.

School is coming along well and I am thoroughly enjoying my Masters degree. It has been challenging and not without its hurdles, but I love Full Sail and am looking forward to buckling down on my thesis.

My girl is growing like the proverbial weed and has made a lot of friends over the past year. Her creativity continually holds me in thrall and I have enjoyed every moment of watching her bloom. I am looking forward to the years to come as she explores her own life and makes her own adventures.

We found a wonderfully cozy church near our home that has welcomed us in with open hearts. We have made some incredible friends there whose love and support has already seen us through the rough spots of 2011.

The Year of the Dragon, my grandmother’s sign, and my own personal Year of the Phoenix, 2012 is going to be an overwhelmingly successful year on all levels and I wish that for you as well. May the coming year overflow with blessings that you recognize, may it be full of opportunities for kindness, and may your year be full of love, family, and friends.

Happy New Year!

Why we love Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings are little bits of sleeping in late (comparatively), stealing moments to write before everyone wakes, planning out breakfast then filling the house with smells of potatoes o’brien, eggs, coffee, and warm English muffins with blueberry preserves as I wake everyone with our favorite Professor…




Sunday afternoons are family day at home or at the park, watching movies, enjoying each others company around board games and maybe sneaking in an author presentation at the library before heading to the bookstore for a hot chai and some magazines that get my creative brain going.

Late Sunday is when I review the last remnants of homework and plan out my week before snuggling in with my beloved for the evening.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!