Category: Illustration

Moon Rabbit, as “whiskers” for Illustration Friday

This is an image I am working on for the Art for Cures Etsy shops. He is a sketch in blue pencil currently, but dreams of being real. I will have him inked tonight most likely and posted this weekend. Check out the shops page (link above) to rummage around in our shops. I am […]

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Illustration Friday | Tree

My graduate certificate and Art for Cures have kept me really busy, like 24/7 busy, but I didn’t want to miss out on submitting to Illustration Friday again so I pulled an older piece that I had done. Enjoy!  

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Blissfully Inspired.

One of the things that I was taught early on was that if you wanted to live a creative life on a daily basis, you had to surround yourself with things of beauty that inspire you. As I live my life online and off, the digital and the analog often carry over into each other. […]

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