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KONY 2012 from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo. Our bracelets are coming in the mail.

Frustration is the Mother of Invention

Ok, so I finally got tired of futzing around with the old theme. It wasn’t mine, I had found it on the internet as a free download and thought I would try on a magazine layout. And while it was

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Unconscionable. Lend your support!

Earlier this year, the day before Valentine’s Day, we did a fundraiser involving Soles4Souls. I just read this article on their website and my jaw is still on the floor… READ THIS AND WRITE A LETTER!!! After reading the article

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Still tweaking

Decided I needed a change that reflected more of my work, old and new. Though I have quite a bit posted to Flickr, I have well over 500 designs that have not even been scanned or photographed as well as

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The key to happiness

A fortune cookie that I was once given imparted the most profound knowledge: “If you cannot be happy with what you have, how can you be happy with more?” There is so much truth in that. This time of year,

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