New Classes

I’ve been teaching on Outschool for the past month and am enjoying the freedom immensely. I get a weekly list of requested classes that I can build curriculum around. Personally, I’d be interested in taking most of them myself. ha

I’ve launched new workshops on Outschool this week, as well as new sections for the ones I’ve already been teaching. I am building several others and, moving forward, will be offering one-time, one-hour classes with multiple downloads and additional video tutorials.

Doing classes with one set meeting time allows me to schedule more one-on-one time tutoring if it’s needed. The initial worksheets go into the majority of the details and, being that most are drawing classes, I’m able to get right into the actual drawing having basic knowledge on technique out of the way. It puts less stress on the student by giving them a basic overview of practical skills they can start with.

My newest class is one that I’m really excited about…

Class: Illustrating Your Own Map for Writers & Gamers

This analog drawing class will take you through the steps of designing your own map for use in creating your own world or in running games.

Having taught Procreate for a month now in three separate sessions, I’ve streamlined the class going forward. Animation was my biggest request, but the focus of the class are the core gestures used to create within the app, so I’ve made the animation section longer by making it a bonus video tutorial…

Class: Procreate on the iPad Pro for Beginners

You can create just about anything in Procreate on the iPad Pro, it is a really powerful tool, and I’ll go over the basics on how to use it properly and build useful skills while having fun.

Surface Pattern Design is where my heart is, so this one I’m especially passionate about teaching…

Class: Pen & Paper Surface Pattern Design

Learn how to find inspiration from everything around you and create a decorative surface pattern that you can design anywhere with just a pen, paper, scissors, and tape.

If you have a K-12 student who is eager to learn, loves playing with and exploring new skills, join me on Outschool! If you are an adult who is interested in taking courses with me, I’m going to start offering them online for adults as well. Announcements coming in February!

And don’t forget, if you’d like monthly downloads and weekly interactions with me, come join me over on Patreon. As always, thank you for being here! xo

In My Element

Water came up this morning as Temperance. Being able to channel water is to adapt and move with the terrain while carving your own path through it slowly. Water means my teaching style today is about listening, taking things slowly to uncover the student’s personality so that I can best reach them. It’s about gentleness, not necessarily plowing through with my normal level of weird.

My online class starts today and I’ll pull three cards, one for each class. Just things to think about, as I don’t use the cards for divination but as prompts.

My second class, the Hermit appears. This, again, guides me to be myself and to listen for cues from my student. Being in familiar territory, my footing on the path is easy if I stick to my course outline and focus on my goals for the class.

The last class of the day, my third class, is lively and concerned with intellectual pursuits. I’ll have two classes under my belt for the day, so this will help me “stand my ground” and maintain the illusion of control. ha Water still the underlying theme, it’s ok for me to let a little of my “muchness” show and step up my game.

Using another deck, I’ll pull one final card for myself.

My Wolf totem knew I needed her. Pack Alpha.

My intent to pull one card for the day, became my favorite deck’s action to show me two. My totems don’t generally play around.

Starting this morning in meditation was a good move on my part. The unstruck sound of the Golden Egg. “No rushing, pushing, or grasping.” I know this speaks to my anxieties about my third class, which is double the size of my other two. It also reminds me that time can be adapted if I need to tutor outside of class, that I’m in “control”, and to be open to responses.

My Alpha needs to be gentle today, but firm.

Wolf has stood by my side all my life. She is inked on my back and lives across my heart. She reminds me with a gentle fanged mouth over my hand that I have a good support group, and to follow and stay strong in my natural, intuitive flow. “Embrace all, exclude none.” Tolerance will burn off my nervous energy and control is fluid.

Mouse poked her head in to remind me to stay organized, that this was a meaningful project, and that the nervous is ok.

Overall, listening to my intuition and my students, being true to myself and my curriculum, and remembering that I’m in control and can adapt as I need to are my lessons for today. Fear of the unknown, as it’s the first time teaching on this platform, is normal. I’m excited for the possibilities and I’m looking forward to meeting my students. We will have four classes together over this week and next.

Deep breath. Coffee. Move forward.

Staring it down

My paperwork in for graduation in a few weeks, I am looking toward my 2nd Masters. My highly coveted Game Art Masters is still not on the horizon, but I know the skills I need to hone, so I’ve made a decision: Public Relations MFA.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Growing up, I was very shy when I wasn’t on my own terms. Most people that know me will laugh, but it is still true. I can be loud and out there when I am passionate about something, when I know my topic, but ask me to speak in front of a crowd and I’m a wreck. I’ve had several opportunities to sing in front of large groups in the past. It took me years to qwell my nerves, but I was never successful in getting rid of it completely, though, and would invariably fall apart once I was off stage. Acting too. In hindsight, I was proud of myself for being “brave”, but it definitely didn’t feel like it at the time.

My hope for this degree program is that I’ll find some kind of method along the way that will allow me to overcome what holds me back. I feel a bit like I am throwing myself to the wolves.

Thankfully, I happen to like wolves.


Photo Credit: Steering for North via Compfight cc

Moments of sanity

I do believe that things happen for a reason though so, when my daughter wanted to paint something for her father yesterday, there was no surprise when I accidentally pulled out two small canvases instead of one. That was all the incentive I needed.

I have not had time for much more than doodling lately and my sanity from day-to-day is, typically, directly related to whether or not I get moments of creativity. I have been wanting to sit down and make something for weeks now and doodling wasn’t cutting it. I needed to dig into something, get paint on my fingers, a brush and pen in my hand, make a mess.

This year, I have had to do a big push for freelance work. Aside from college, homeschooling, household obligations (that tend to get put on the “do later” list), making food and…what am I forgetting, oh yea…sleeping, I haven’t had time to delve into anything. I have stolen moments here and there to write, much easier than dragging out all my paints, but it isn’t the same.

I was sent several small, 5×7 inch canvases in a thank you package from a friend recently. The package itself has taken up semi-permanent residence on the edge of my desk as I’ve yet to sort through it and put everything away. This week, in between work, school, and everything else, I will be completely reorganizing the largest room of our house; three computers and desks on one end, kitchen on the other, art studio/catchall in the middle. It is my hope to move our writer’s meetings here again as it is much more conducive to conversation, we can do and say what we want, and the kitchen is right there.

For now, I steal snippets of sometimes life-saving time to make memories with my daughter.

We laid newspaper out on the dining room table (the dining “room” being part of the aforementioned space) and pulled a few paints, a couple of brushes and palettes. Half an hour later I was refreshed and feeling human again…at least for another week.