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Animals & the Environment

The seal who loved me

My daughter and I read this article in her National Geographic Kids magazine about a month ago. I am thrilled to see …


My kind of men.

There are three things that get my attention: Animals, New York, and Bikers. Combine all three? I’m in love. As the Creative …


Why I love animals.

Animals love the simplest things, like spending time. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or why, you are there with them. …


Fur babies?

Been thinking a lot lately about getting a pet. I adore animals but is my lifestyle conducive to bringing a new life …


Large flightless parrots?

Despite having worked with just about every type of bird and animal in my lifetime, I had never heard of this until …


Puppies and Kittens Oh My!

If you love animals you will love seeing these photos. I was looking for reference photos for the new Bonesy & Cuddles …