ART FOR CURES | “Musical Italy” Inchies Swap!

benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

What you will be participating in is the first of, what I hope to be many, “benefit swaps”. As a participant, you will be swapping Inchies as you would in any normal swap, but with two differences: you will be using my one sheet “collage88” tutorial, and we will be making extras for framed wall pieces that will be auctioned off on eBay through Missionfish as a benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The theme for this swap incorporates the colors for Leukemia, Lymphoma and Lymphedema, along with “Italy” and “Music” in honor of the man whose recent passing inspired the Art for Cures project.


Inchies are one inch-squared collage, miniature collages one inch by one inch square in size. Tiny little bits of expression you can make and trade, Inchies have become an addiction. As anyone who has ever done an Inchie before knows, though, they can also be rather intimidating to create, especially if you are in a swap with a large number of participants. But fear no more hearty collagers!

The problem of collaging more than ten of those itty bitty, eye straining little pieces of art is solved. If you can collage one standard 8.5″ x 11″ inch sheet of paper, guess what? You just made 88 inchies! So, with that in mind, this is your challenge???????


Your page must measure 8.5″ x 11″ exactly for this to work…

You can make your Inchies out of anything involving paper but my personal preference for this is 140lb weight watercolor paper. You can pick up a cheap pad of Canson or Strathmore for around 7 bucks at any Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Note: The watercolor paper they sell at WalMart is paper thin (no pun intended) and I wouldn’t advise it due to buckling. Thin matboard will also work and you are welcome to use textiles (fabrics and fibers) BUT since this is a paper arts swap there should be some kind of paper involved in your work AND remember: You have to cut up your sheet into 88 Inchies when you are done! Don’t make it too thick or you will have issues.

Keep your collage pattern “tight” so that all of your wonderful details and variations will be on your individual Inchies. Since your final pieces will only be one inch squared, you want to make sure there are no large gaps in between your collage elements. If you want to add more detail after your collage sheet is cut, look at this as making a background for further embellishing.

Being that our theme is “Italy and Music”, you can use sheet music, rubber stamps, Italian postal cancellations, Italian text, etc. Thin matboard, stiffened fabric, or cardstock is what you want to shoot for on thickness so they stand up to collaging. If you have done Inchies before then ignore me, you know what to do. Experiment! Play! Try different mediums! Make them out of paper, textiles, paint, rubber stamped images, text, ephemera, scrapbook papers, etc. H A V E F U N !


The deadline for signing up is Wednesday, September 19th at midnight EST.

This is not a closed call which means you can invite anyone and everyone you would like, the more the merrier and the more good we can do! Please, pass this around to anyone you think might be interested. With the fact that we are doing this as a sheet then cutting it up into 88 pieces, I can max out this swap at 39 participants so everyone has two (2) Inchies from each player OR 26 players with three (3) each and still have enough for 10 or more limited edition auction pieces!

In order to sign up for this swap you will need to email me at with the words “Art For Cures LLS Inchies” in the subject line so I can keep track of everyone. In your email, PLEASE include the following information:

Art “Nickname”
Full Mailing Address
Email Address

I keep a swap database just in case I can’t read your return address on the envelope. I will never sell or give out your information to anyone. The only time you will hear from me is for swap updates or new swap announcements. If you are a member of my Non_Cents paper arts group or the Art for Cures group, you also have the option of signing up on the list and/or posting your address in the group database.

Everyone will have three (3) full weeks to make and mail their Inchies.

The POSTMARK deadline for your Inchies is Wednesday, October 10th, which will give you plenty of time. You are always welcome to get them done and mail them early too!


If you are feeling industrious and would like to make more than one collage sheet of Inchies – must be cut before you mail them – feel free to drop me a note and send in as many as you would like. I will continue to mount the Inchies and have them framed for auction pieces. If you would like to donate money toward the framing, I will happily accept it though keep in mind that whatever is unused will be pooled for the next charity’s framing; i.e. If I run out of Inchies for LLS then host the Breast Cancer swap, any remaining monies from the LLS swap will go toward helping the next swap. I will post totals on a regular basis.

If you would like to donate money to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, you will need to do that directly through them as I will not be taking donations unless you are a participant and send in extra with your swap and designate that it is for them and not for the framing costs. I will post totals and add your donation in with the final amount before making the donation through Missionfish.

Unless you have someone else you would like to donate on behalf of, I would love it if you donated “in honor of” Art for Cures under the Designate Your Donation section. Also, the section below that allows you to “Notify Someone Else of Your Donation” and I would like to ask that you fill in the following information so that I can track donations made as a result of this project:

Ana Maria Seaton
Art for Cures
PO Box 830635
Ocala, Florida 34483

This is only to notify me so that I can count your donation amount in the project totals; I will provide a complete breakdown for everyone of all the donations and auction totals as they come in. Again, keep in mind this is a project and I do not have non-profit status despite the fact that I will not be benefiting from this project; this is a 100% donation project for the selected charities. I will be looking into making Art for Cures a non-profit in the future though I think; still researching everything. For now this is a way for me to host swaps that do some good for the community.


I’m blunt as a trainwreck so I’ll just say it: If you run into issues PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just email me. I don’t mind delays if you are having health issues – you know, like decapitation, death j/k – but I need communication so I know what is going on. I do not like making participants wait because of one person and have been forced to get ‘harder edged’ about this. No communication, hospitalization not withstanding, will get you banned from any other swap I host; no excuse for “no shows”. Life happens, just email me. :)

COST (postage and framing)

All participants will need to include $10.00US in cash or postal money order (must be a postal one) in with their Inchies or PayPal it to me at – this will cover the POSTAGE for returns BUT it will also be going toward the FRAMING for the auction pieces as well. I have a friend here locally who owns a frame shop that I will be going through for the final pieces. I do not want to take money out of the totals under any circumstances for the framing so I really need your help with this.

If you are outside the US, drop me a note if you cannot include US funds and we will see what we can work out.


You will need to mail everything to me, preferably in a small bubble envelope, at:

Ana Maria Seaton
Art for Cures – LLS
PO Box 830635
Ocala, Florida 34483-0635


ALLOW DRYING/CURING TIME FOR YOUR PAINTS AND ADHESIVES. Let them dry! If your Inchies arrive allstucktogether and I am unable to pull them apart without damaging them I will mail them back to you. Freezer paper is your friend and the shiny side doesn’t stick, usually. Repeat this mantra: f r e e z e r p a p e r I s m y f r I e n d o h m. Lay your pieces out with paper in between them if you aren’t sure. When in doubt, play it safe. There is nothing more heartbreaking than getting a ‘glob’ of what could be beautiful art in the mail and having to mail it back.


PLEASE make sure to put your name and email address or site on the back of your Inchies. The information on the backs of your Inchies will not be visible in the framed pieces but I will be making contributor’s sheets for all of the auction pieces. If you would like your name, email address and one link listed please let me know prior to the postmark deadline.


You will be making 88 inchies from one sheet of collage. Depending on the number of participants we have, is how the returns will be divided up. I will let everyone know once the signup is closed what the returns will look like. We need either 26 or 39 participants total including myself to make this work right.

The cool thing is that doing it this way allows you to start making your sheets now if you want to get a head start. Once I have everyone’s Inchies I will swap them out and mail them back. You WILL be getting some of your own back, so don’t worry about making extra for yourself.


All inchies remain the copyright of the individual artists. Once you have your returns, if you want to use someone’s inchies in an art piece of your own, you should contact the individual artist themselves for permission. I recently saw someone posting other artists’ work as part of their own with no credit given to the original artists. This is something I believe to be not only in bad taste but blatant theft of someone else’s work. This is just my opinion but I think an email to the artist as common courtesy should prevail.


I try to be thorough (read long-winded) but if anyone has questions, please feel free to email me at and I will do my best to answer you. If you are on a list where I have posted this, please use your own judgment as to list etiquette in replying to outside swaps. Non_Cents, Art for Cures and Flickr members can reply to the list or posting.

Thank you to everyone for participating, I could not do this without all of you. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s art and raising some money for a great charity!!!

Ria :)
aka Renmeleon
Art for Cures, founder
Non_Cents, founder

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