Fur babies?

Been thinking a lot lately about getting a pet. I adore animals but is my lifestyle conducive to bringing a new life into the family? We have four schools of thought at work currently…

a) My almost five year old (going on 40) loves animals and wants a pet. Any kind of pet though what kind of pet is priority differs from day to day: Today it’s an orange kitty, yesterday it was a giraffe.

b) My ex-husband loves animals but does not like having a pet indoors. He used to raise wolves, full bloods, and is not really a cat person. Though I have seen him go all mushy over an orange Abyssinian named “Queso”. Hmm, orange again, must be genetic.

c) My other half loves cats and prefers them over dogs though he likes all animals. Both the guys work but love taking walks and would have no issue caring for a pet. He loved Queso too so his vote is for the feline variety.

d) Me. I love just about any kind of animal and though I would vote for the giraffe too if we had the space I have to conceed that one isn’t feasible. I am home 90% of the time and could care for one but would hate to leave it alone at home on days I am not here.

Trips would be no problem if it was small enough. Never thought I could imagine myself taking a dog to the grocery store. hehe Break out the blue hair dye. =O

Dog would be better over cat (though I miss my familiar of 14 years, Stephanie) since I was diagnosed years ago with asthma and I don’t want my daughter having breathing problems. [Proven higher rate of developing allergies with cats, just cats, if the child’s mother has asthma.]

I did a little research and came up with something. Miniature or Toy Australian Shepherds. :) The toy and miniature varieties have their issues but I found about four local breeders much to my surprise.

One of the blogs I subscribe to, Virginia Hey, (you might remember her from Farscape) makes some very true statements about being a pet guardian. Taking on pet ownership is like adopting a child: it isn’t something to be taken lightly and everyone should be involved. It is more difficult with pets though since they are even more limited than children in how they can communicate.

We aren’t going to be able to afford the added expense of a pet just yet. When we do though the whole family will be involved, even my mother since her home will be surrogate if needed, though I see any dog we get going with us on long trips. Been a while since I have had a fur baby around, I’ve missed it. :)

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  1. I resisted adopting our cats for a long time. But since I got them a year and a half ago, I haven’t really noticed the extra work. It’s certainly been worth it. I find the cost to be minimal. Food and litter come out to at or below $20/mo.

    Given the average temperature in your neighborhood, a small dog could spend time happily on a chain run if you needed to be out all day. Dog owners these days tend to forget that dogs actually like to be outside. I’m not sure when that happened.

    Cats do, too, but I prefer to keep mine indoors and out of trouble. Since the litterbox is available, that’s hardly a problem, either.

    I’ve never heard of the miniature Australian Shepherds. They’re so darn cute.

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