Once Upon a Cause is the collaborative effort of two long-time creative friends – Ana Maria Selvaggio  (Renmeleon) and Chelsae Youkers (ViridianMuse).

What is now affectionately known as the “Unicorn Wars” began in 2013 with a joke about how life wasn’t all “unicorns farting rainbows”. From there it became a posting battle to see who could make the other laugh (or gross out) the hardest.

In an effort to challenge their muses, they entertained the idea of taking it from the digital world into a more hands-on, artful experience via snail mail. Always hoping to make a difference, though, they decided to run the challenge for a specific amount of time then mail their creations to a children’s hospital or charity.

Ana Maria Selvaggio (Renmeleon) is the Founding Director of Art for Cures and works full-time from home as a freelance illustrator, writer, and designer. She is also a homeschool mom.

Chelsae Youkers (ViridianMuse) works by day as a steel graphics designer, and is the owner of Viridian Muse Designs, who delights in her addiction to art and crafts by night. Chelsae is also one of the founding members of Art for Cures.