Thank you for stopping by! Take a look at the events page for a complete list of workshops, appearances, and signings. There are tons of ways to connect with me and I’d love to meet you. – Ria xo

Tickets end September 1st!

Upcoming Opportunities

Berea Arts Council “Sundays at the Tate” | Fall 2019

Starting this Fall, spend your Sunday afternoons at the Tate for two hours of creativity and fun. For more information, visit www.bereaartscouncil.org

January Workshops with Renmeleon at the Tate

Take each one of these separately or all three as a series! I’ve designed these workshops to work together from the first to the last to create something spectacular and, more importantly, functional.

January TBA | Fabric Painting & Mark Making
January TBA | Folio Creation
January TBA | Card Making & Goal Planning

What is a Renmeleon?

Renmeleon is short for The Renaissance Chameleon, just a fancier way of saying jack-of-all-trades. I am very eclectic in my tastes and interests which makes things fun. I adopted Moon Rabbit years ago as a part of my logo because of it’s meaning: Compassion.

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Want to dive directly down the rabbit hole with me and become a part of my process? Support my work on Patreon! On Patreon, you will find downloads, workshops, snail mail, card decks, coloring books and more all for being a subscriber at different levels. Think of it as an extended Kickstarter.

Stuck? Rent a muse.

From book cover design and world building for authors to character and small set design for stop motion and short films. Renmeleon has you covered.