Aside from my written projects, and fundraising, here is a sampling of what is currently going on in the studio…


  • Revamping into a portal on paper currently. Have some big surprises coming.
  • We’ve finished unicorns and are now working on gnomes (aka ganomies)  for our Once Upon a Cause (OUaC) project . OUaC will be going up on Kickstarter this coming week with any luck.
  • Just released a new line of greeting cards on Etsy based on my Artful Abandon Totem Deck.
  • The Artful Abandon Totem Deck is going to be going up on Indiegogo soon. This is a personal project, so I may wait until after our OUaC campaign completes *successfully*. ::fingers crossed::
  • A fun little book called “Ganomies” (working title) will be launching as a fundraiser for the OUaC project. Chel and I are also making some of our favorite cards into greeting cards and small prints to sustain OUaC production as well.
  • Teaching workshops out of the Marion Cultural Alliance with the Artist Hub of Ocala. Torn paper landscapes was for May. Our next Girl’s Night Out is June 20th and I’m teaching cut paper cards. If interested, check out their Facebook page and RSVP!
  • Aside from working on their website, I am hoping to have some studio time soon to paint more canvases for the local cafe walls at BDBeans in Belleview. There’s nothing like being knuckle deep in acrylic paint and I’m having withdrawals.
  • I’ve sketched out the components for several mini books that I am laying out in InDesign. I’ll be doing a test print next week, then offering them up on Etsy. One of them may become an interactive storybook if I can reverse-engineer how to make one from the animation.
  • My grandmother’s cookbook is being made into a recipe book-slash-scrapbook. This is a personal project, but I may share snippets on Instagram occasionally and, if it is offered to the public, would be a fundraiser for Hospice.
  • My aunt passed last year and we discovered a stack of old 1930/40s style fashion drawings from her time at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. A real surprise. I am in the process of scanning everything and, with my cousins’ permission, will be making them into a book benefitting the American Heart Association. Either way, I will be posting photos of some of what we found.
  • “This Little Piggie” is going to be released as either a poster or small book. I haven’t decided yet.
  • “Scarecrow’s New Hat” is evolving. I am reworking the story and most of the storyboards are done. I’ve approached another illustrator about working on it, but won’t know anything until things are ready for launch on my end.
  • “Clementine’s Garden” is making an appearance on the front cover of this month’s issue of Kraft Paper Muse. My daughter and I are hoping to play with the veggies a bit and make them into jewelry for Etsy and plushies for Spoonflower. (will link)
  • I released a doodle-strated insect haiku book at the end of 2012 that I will be revisiting. I’m going to turn it into an illustrated chapbook, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and was recently inspired to play with again after seeing more of my friend Aijung Kim’s work here.