Today was like a second Christmas for me. My husband’s aunt sent me a lovely card from their family for my birthday with the express wish that I buy something for myself. She knows that I would have spent it

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Day Two

Every year there are certain traditions we’ve carried on. As with anything, we evolve over time. Here’s our top 10 for this year: Nothing Christmasy till after Thanksgiving. Youngest family members play elf. Nog, Apple Cider, and Hot Cocoa with

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Day One

Some of my favorite things to do each year are make ornaments and decorations for our home. I love the hand-me-downs that I’ve gotten from family and friends over the years, but to be able to make something that I

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Defining Passion

I’ve been watching a free series that has been offered by the ever fabulous and thought-provoking Michael Hyatt on platform tweaking. Even if you are pro, I recommend taking a look at the series. He posed a question at the

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Death means change

No, nothing is wrong, outside of the normal. I pulled the Death card this morning, which would have the untrained freaking out. It doesn’t mean death though, that is usually the Tower card aka cataclysmic, not-so-happy change. But the Death

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Starting Over

4782 became 2517 about 5 minutes ago.  I’ve started over. With a 1700 per day daily average, NaNoWriMo is a wonderful challenge if you want to make your writing a daily practice. If you beat it, you can look back on

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On Donating Work

A few months ago I was involved with a project that left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. It wasn’t the project itself, or the committee I was on, they were both fabulous. It was the reaction

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Finding Your Story’s Voice

Have you ever written a story in one format, only to decide that it just didn’t sound like itself? As though it had a frog stuck in its throat, hidden behind an ornate mask at a masquerade ball, trying to

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Getting with the program

It’s been my goal for a long-time to blog more. Setting down ideas, sharing the projects of myself and others, making my writing more of a daily practice again. Life tends to sideswipe me, though, and I get distracted. Not

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Illustration Friday | Future

Posting from my phone today, so we’ll see how this works. I’ll update the image when I’m home worst case. Not had much time for art lately, but that is being remedied this weekend; I’ll share more about that later.

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