Aside from an early Spring cleaning, here is a sampling of what is currently going on here at our house/studio. In no order and generally being worked on simultaneously…


Kraft Paper Muse
Our next issue will be Written, which will be released sometime in February, followed by Sustainability in time for Earth Day. Health concerns had things backburnered, so I removed our editorial schedule in order to catch up.

Monday Morning Get GOING (newsletter)
Tomorrow morning will be the first of my Monday morning inspiration series, Get GOING, God’s got this. My mantra for this year, is all about being grateful, ownership of self, living intentionally, dropping negativity, and the goal of reducing everyday stress and worry. If you’d like to join me, you can subscribe on the right!

Card Decks

Once Upon a Cause

  • Working on the domain and hosting move.
  • Uploading the last of the 2014 themes and working on 2015’s.
  • Working on our Kickstarter campaign and hope to launch it in February.
  • Scanning my black & white preliminaries for coloring books. I’ll be using them for Kickstarter swag as well as offering them on Etsy.
  • A fun little book called “Ganomies” (working title) will be launching as a fundraiser.
  • Chel and I are also making some of our favorite cards into greeting cards and small prints to sustain OUaC production as well. I’ll post them on Etsy when they are available.

Artful Abandon Totem Decks

  • The prototypes for deck no. 1 of my fun little Totem Decks are all gone, except for my own personal copy and one that I am sending to a friend. The next step is to put the project on Kickstarter and raise the $1,000.00 to create 100 decks. We have a printer, all we need now is the funding. My “Doodle-bet” greeting cards based on the deck has done really well. Looking forward to designing deck no. 2 with all new creatures as well as other decks.
  • The mandalas are coming along. I’ve changed the size of my coloring books to make them more mailer friendly.
  • New card lines being reworked from old designs or started new: Red Hat Rumpus, Zen Flowers, Mandala Flowers…

Bookish Projects as of 0923.15

*Updates and process shots of these can be found on my Instagram above.

  • The Owl and the Mermaid” (TOATM) is in the final stages of layout. I have finished the illustrations and revamped the cover. The promotional bookmarks are being ordered and the Belleview Library has been hosting the display all month. You can read more about the project here.
  • A Cat Named Pillow” and “A Dog Named Socks” will be the first books out of the gate. I’ve finished the stories and storyboards for both of them and look forward to completing the illustrations in November.
  • The Shawl Monster” has been storyboarded and is awaiting the physical manifestations of the illustrations in my head. It is currently a children’s book, but it dreams of being an app. If I go that route, it will be going up on Kickstarter.
  • I’ve sketched out the components for several mini books that I am laying out in InDesign. I’ll be doing a test print, then offering them up on Etsy. One of them may become an interactive storybook if I can reverse-engineer how to make one from the animation.
  • My grandmother lived to be 103 and her cookbook was left to me. Her cookbook is being made into a recipe book-slash-scrapbook. This is a personal project, but I may share snippets on Instagram occasionally and, if it is offered to the public, would be offered as a fundraiser for Hospice. To be self-published under my own imprint.
  • My aunt passed last year and we discovered a stack of old 1930/40s style fashion drawings from her time at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. A real surprise. I am in the process of scanning everything and, with my cousins’ permission, will be making them into a book benefitting the American Heart Association. Either way, I will be posting photos of some of what we found. To be self-published under my own imprint.
  • Inspired by a playful tease my friend/ex-husband used to tell our daughter, our snarky little version of “This Little Piggie” is going to be released as an adult board book. I have found a printer, though will most likely turn it into an animated short.
  • Scarecrow’s New Hat” is evolving. I reworked the story and most of the storyboards are done. This is my next project after TOATM.
  • Clementine’s Garden” is making its first real appearance on the front cover of the Sustainability issue of Kraft Paper Muse. My daughter and I are hoping to play with the veggies a bit and make them into jewelry for Etsy and plushies for Spoonflower. I’ll post a link as soon as it is all up. I’ve also bought the domain and will be posting behind the scenes. To be self-published under my own imprint.
  • I released a doodle-strated insect haiku book at the end of 2012 that I will be revisiting. I’m going to turn it into an illustrated chapbook, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and was recently inspired to play with again after seeing more of my friend Aijung Kim’s work here. To be self-published under my own imprint.
  • “House of Tea & Paper” a memoir-style art therapy book, will include templates and patterns for various projects that I have developed over the years as well as new ones. To be self-published under my own imprint.


Various and Asundry

  • I’ve been playing on and off with some designs for rubber stamps, Gumtree lurking in the back of my brain. I’ll let you know* if any escape.
  • Both the Pink@Heart project and Art for Cures have been closed.



Textiles, love them. I’ve always wanted to design them and if you feel the same way and have not checked out Spoonflower you are missing out. I’m making some of my more popular designs into textiles and have started submitting work to their weekly contests. Some of these designs are also being made into rubber stamps for my own personal use, though some* may escape.


Setting up shop on Zazzle over the course of the next week or two. I’ll announce launch when it’s done. I’m really looking forward to designing the knitted throw blankets!

More as we move forward…